A messsage from Rosa Ana Lozada, Harmonium CEO

Dear Community Members,

Harmonium is filled with sorrow as we face the reality of long term discrimination and social injustice. The tragic murder of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, who died by the excessive force of a white police officer illustrates one of many negative consequences of systemic racism, abuse of power, and discrimination in our society. 

At the core of the outcry of our communities of color is trauma, rooted in historical racism, broken promises, and closed hearts. Harmonium commits to a non violent path in working together with families, communities, law enforcement, leaders, and all others who stand steadfast to listen, learn, and take action. Harmonium proudly values the diversity of our 200+ employees and the 30,000 children, youth and their families we serve each year.  

We stand in solidarity with the Black community, all people of color and all individuals that commit to eradicate racial oppression. In unity, we address social injustice with the hope of creating equitable opportunities enabling all individuals to enjoy a safe and positive quality of life.   

The double pandemic before us, COVID-19 and racial oppression, seems insurmountable. Nevertheless, we are faced with a moral imperative driven by the firm belief that we can make a difference in creating a more positive future for our children. With Harmonium’s focus on well-being we are dedicated to shaping a future that is equitable, safe, hopeful, and loving. 


Rosa Ana Lozada,

L.C.S.W.Harmonium, C.E.O

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