Harmonium San Diego Board Spotlight: Becky Phillpott

Each month, we will feature a member of our Board and share why they are committed to serving children, youth and their families. 

This month, Becky Phillpott took the time to share a bit about her values and how she hopes to inspire others.

How long have you served on the Harmonium Board of Directors? 

Five years

What drew you to serve on the Harmonium Board of Directors?

I enjoyed a professional partnership with Rosa Ana [our CEO] and Harmonium programs when I worked for the San Diego Unified School District developing support for school based programs for students at risk of not graduating from high school. I fully share Harmonium’s mission and vision to serve children, youth and families and appreciate the great work of the organization.

What about the Harmonium Mission and/or vision resonates with you? And why?

Harmonium’s Mission: To provide quality services that advance well-being in children, youth, and their families through safe, nurturing, and respectful relationships. Harmonium’s Vision: An inclusive and equitable world where all children, youth and their families flourish and realize their fullest potential.
While I support the full mission and vision of Harmonium, two aspects particularly resonate with me – advancing well being through safe, nurturing, and respectful relationships, and supporting an inclusive and equitable world. Safe, nurturing, and respectful relationships are key to all positive human interaction and all of our well-being. We should always strive to be actively seeking a more inclusive and equitable world, starting with our own thoughts and actions.

What inspires you about Harmonium (services to children, youth and their families)?
It’s inspiring to observe, support and actively serve on the board of an organization dedicated to providing vital services to children, youth and families in our community.

What would you say to inspire children, youth and their families?
Keep striving to create and sustain, safe, nurturing and respectful relationships in your own circle of family and friends. Let’s all come together to build a more inclusive and respectful community and world.

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