Harmonium San Diego Board Spotlight: Margie de Ruyter

Each month, we will feature a member of our Board and share why they are committed to serving children, youth and their families. 

This month, Margie de Ruyter took the time to share a bit about her values and how she hopes to inspire others.

How long have you served on the Harmonium Board of Directors? 

2 or 3 years – I should know this but time flies!!!

What drew you to serve on the Harmonium Board of Directors?

Want to be a part of something important that makes a positive impact and difference in youth/family outcomes.

What about the Harmonium Mission and/or vision resonates with you? And why?

Harmonium’s Mission: To provide quality services that advance well-being in children, youth, and their families through safe, nurturing, and respectful relationships. Harmonium’s Vision: An inclusive and equitable world where all children, youth and their families flourish and realize their fullest potential.
I believe all children/youth and their families should have access to quality services and/or the care and supports to help them thrive and live healthy, successful lives. I believe Harmonium’s mission and vision statement align with that.  

What inspires you about Harmonium (services to children, youth and their families)?
Knowing that students receive quality before/after school programming and supports. I think that’s so important for youth in their formative years to have the right supports and positive adults to guide them toward success.

What would you say to inspire children, youth and their families?
“You can achieve greatness if you believe in yourself! It may not be easy but the effort will pay off!” 

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