Harmonium San Diego Board Spotlight: Nicole Meda

Each month, we will feature a member of our Board and share why they are committed to serving children, youth, and their families. 

This month, Nicole Meda took the time to share a bit about her values and how she hopes to inspire others.

How long have you served on the Harmonium Board of Directors? 

3 Months

What drew you to serve on the Harmonium Board of Directors?

I attended Klassic Kids when I was growing up so I know firsthand how important and impactful Harmonium’s work is to the development of children and their families. This work aligns with my values and experience as a social worker. In the past, I worked with foster youth and now I work at an organization that serves formerly incarcerated adults, so I have seen how a child’s environment and social supports impact them across their lifespan. 

What about the Harmonium Mission and/or vision resonates with you? And why?

Harmonium’s Mission: To provide quality services that advance well-being in children, youth, and their families through safe, nurturing, and respectful relationships. Harmonium’s Vision: An inclusive and equitable world where all children, youth, and their families flourish and realize their fullest potential.
I appreciate that Harmonium aims to help children and their families not only to survive but to reach their fullest potential. Children are so often underestimated in their abilities, especially those who are BIPOC or low SES. When they are supported in discovering themselves and the world, they can achieve amazing things. 

What inspires you about Harmonium (services to children, youth, and their families)?
I am inspired by Harmonium’s commitment to mental health and Trauma Informed Care. Many before/after school programs lack this lens. Harmonium promotes a culture of recognizing and supporting the whole person and the team’s work has a crucial impact on children and families in their everyday lives.What would you say to inspire children, youth, and their families?
You matter. Your actions matter. Never stop working for a better world for everyone.

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