Harmonium San Diego Board Spotlight: Xiomalys Crespo

Each month, we will feature a member of our Board and share why they are committed to serving children, youth and their families. 

This month, Xiomalys Crespo took the time to share a bit about her values and how she hopes to inspire others.

How long have you served on the Harmonium Board of Directors? 

Four Months

What drew you to serve on the Harmonium Board of Directors?

I joined the Harmonium Board of Directors because I firmly believe a zip code should not determine a child’s future. 

What about the Harmonium Mission and/or vision resonates with you? And why?

Harmonium’s Mission: To provide quality services that advance well-being in children, youth, and their families through safe, nurturing, and respectful relationships. Harmonium’s Vision: An inclusive and equitable world where all children, youth and their families flourish and realize their fullest potential.
I am deeply committed to the sustainability of an effort that holds building equitable relationships and dynamics to advance intergenerational quality of life as one of its core principles. Harmonium’s vision for an inclusive and equitable world helps everyone whom we connect with to grow, protect, enjoy and share their wellbeing.

What inspires you about Harmonium (services to children, youth and their families)?
From its long-standing legacy in San Diego to its very name, Harmonium understands that simultaneous and holistic approaches to wellbeing are key to the success and self-realization of youth and their families. 

What would you say to inspire children, youth and their families?
You are not your circumstances, but what you put forth into the world, authentically. 

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