Harmonium: Resident Leadership Academy (RLA) in Southeastern San Diego

  • Harmonium’s Resident Leadership Academy (RLA) focuses on building healthy, safe and thriving communities. 
  • A curriculum-based, community health organizing project, the RLA empowers residents to make positive changes in their communities through policy, systems, and environmental changes. 
  • Participants benefit from the program by; 
    • Earning community service credit 
    • Gaining experience with community building which can be added to their resume
    • Making changes in their own communities on issues they care about 
    • Earning gift card incentives
  • The 10 session curriculum includes a combination of core health information, community health strategies that support individual health and lifestyle choices, and practical ways to improve community health. 
  • Community residents then work collaboratively on community improvement projects to remove identified barriers to health, safety and well-being in their communities.
  • The ten session topics are as follows: 
    • Session 1: Orientation 
    • Session 2: Community Building Principles 
    • Session 3: Social Determinants of Health 
    • Session 4: Safe Walkable Communities 
    • Session 5: Healthy Food Systems 
    • Session 6: Land Use & Community Planning 
    • Session 7: Leadership, Advocacy & Policy Development 
    • Session 8: Community Improvement Project Needs & Opportunity Assessment 
    • Session 9 (Assessment): Community Improvement Project Planning & Implementation
    • Session 10 (Assessment): Community Improvement Project Evaluation & Celebration
    • Followed by 10 Community Improvement Project Graduate meetings 

Contact RLA Program Specialist, Julie Dedman at jdedman@harmoniumsd.org for more information.

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