The Value Of Care And Kindness: Remembering Ofelia Orozco Kinney

Sharing care and kindness particularly during this time of COVID-19 is especially important as we look for simple ways to lift the human spirit.  On February 25, 2020, Ofelia Orozco Kinney passed away leaving an impactful legacy; making everyone feel special through care and kindness.

Ofelia first joined Harmonium in 2001.  For the 19 years of her employment with Harmonium’s PrimeTime program, Ofelia was best characterized by her perpetual kindness.  Her colleagues described her as being one of the kindest people they had ever met, someone with a  pleasant  disposition, and someone who always showed concern and consideration for others.  One of her close friends said, “Ofelia had a warmth about her that made you feel special.”

Ofelia’s interactions were priceless and she will be deeply missed.  Her kindness will resonate within the hearts of her family, friends, colleagues, and the children she served. Ofelia taught us that even brief interactions can be positive and make each person feel valued.   

Ofelia personified one of Harmonium’s core beliefs; that every child, youth and their families we serve should experience safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments. She reminds us that  care and kindness is powerful and long lasting in its impact on others. We can each keep Ofelia’s legacy alive by enhancing our own acts of care and kindness. This can include simple gestures such as a smile, sending a thank you email or letting someone know that they are special.  We invite you to seek new opportunities to practice daily acts of care and kindness in honor of our friend and colleague Ofelia Orozco Kinney.

Stay Safe, Stay Connected, Stay Well!

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